ULTIMA-TRZ Selective Soldering System (Benchtop Type)

Type with optional safety cover, area sensor, and PCB detection sensor mounted.
Standard Type
High Spec Type
Solder Pot at Maintenance Position
Color Touchscreen
Integrated Model of Standard and High Spec Types
  • Featuring high spec functions with standard type low price.
  • Options that were selectable only for high spec models are included as standard spec for this model.
  • As with conventional Takurobo, full data compatibility is possible by using Takumoni control application.
  • By using Solder Wave Height Automatic Control System, it becomes possible to maintain more stable flow height (Option)
  • A large-color touchscreen mounted, easy to see and operate.
  • By adopting the absolute method, omitting the origin return operation and starting immediate operation.
  • Enriched interface environment with peripheral devices.
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