Super Ozone Generator Machine Energy Saving Products


TREND is pleased to offer Super Ozone water System. This system is specially designed for dynamic ozone mixing system up to 70% mixing efficiency. The compact design to minimize use of floor space but equipped with powerful ozone generating system and together with an intelligent controller inside the same enclosure.

Super ozone system fulfills the requirements for ozone generation systems used in water treatment. The benefits for installation TREND Super ozone in your cooling tower are reduced energy costs, lower cost from cleaning of condenser, reduction of blow-down water, and less maintenance.

  • Avoiding chemical usage in water of cooling system.
  • Reducing maintenance cost of cooling system due to reduction of scale and microorganisms.
  • Reducing make-up water supplying to cooling tower due to stabilizing water parameter.
  • Kill more than 99% of bacteria in the water which causes of affliction.


Ozone is the terrific oxidation agent filled in water where water treatment is necessary, so it has achieved for many applications as following:

Food Processes.
  • Farming: Increasing oxygen to water, removing poisonous substances and increasing productivity
  • Food Cleaning: Washing meat and vegetable by ozonated water it makes more dense and kills bacteria and viruses

Swimming Pool
  • Ozone is the best solution to mitigate bacteria and viruses in water before supplying into pools
  • Instead of chemical generally used for water treatment

Laundry Processes
  • Less chemical and steam
  • Go in deep to the pores of clothing

Cooling Tower
  • No scale, sludge and slime built up
  • No chemicals required
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Corrosion protection
  • Biological growth protection

Ozone for Waste Water Treatment
  • Reducing sludge up to 50%
  • Increasing the Filter efficiency
  • Reducing BOD and COD up to 90%
  • Oxidizing heavy metal

Drinking Water
  • Enriching water with the high amount of Oxygen which is essential for cells and blood in the human body
  • Mitigating bacteria and viruses

Ozone Ice
  • A new process for safe and healthy food processing
  • Excellent for ocean vessels and fishery which chemical is avoided

What are the benefits of ozone system?
  • Water saving by reduces of blow-down water
  • Electricity saving by operating chiller with clean condenser
  • Mitigating bacteria, viruses and mold causing biofilm and Legionnaire's disease
  • Biological control mitigating scale, slime and sludge
  • Corrosion reduction from biofilm
  • Environment conservation by avoiding chemical usage
  • Low maintenance cost from cleaning of condenser, basin and filling
  • Production loss reduction during maintenance
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