EQS Series: EQSS-350SDM Selective Soldering System (Inline Type)

Selective Soldering System (Inline Type)
Main Body & Solder Pot Module/EQSS-350SDM
(Spray, Preheater, Solder Pot, Solder Pot)
Selective Spray Fluxer
Hot-air Type Preheater
(EQSS-350SD)Carbon Lamp Heater

Small-footprint of 1600mm-long main body (spray & preheater & solder pot, excluding inlet & outlet conveyor) with innovative PCB loading system which allows its longest side of 350mm to be vertical to the machine direction.

Significant increase of production efficiency made possible by addition of extension solder pot module.

Automatic model changeover system and mixed flow production enabled by adoption of two-dimension code offers remarkable improvement of production raito.

Manufacturing control system with traceability is haighly useful in soldering quality management.

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